Ghost Rockers theatre tour 2016

For the 2016 Belgian theatre tour of Ghost Rockers, Painting with Light provided lighting design that was an extension of the set design.

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Photos: John Smith, Smithy Jones

When set design meets lighting: the Ghost Rockers theatre tour

2016 Tour in Belgium


Ghost Rockers is a hit children’s show produced by Studio 100 and Ketnet, focussed around a group of high school students who find enchanted musical instruments. In order to solve the mystery of the instruments, they play their catchy songs and try to find out the dark secrets of their school.

For their Belgian theatre tour in 2016, Painting with Light supplied the lighting design. As the story behind the show was set in a theatre, we where asked to provide a lighting design that was an extension of the set design.



To fulfil this wish, Paco Mispelters chose to use a variety of moving lights, conventionals and LEDs. Inspired by the design of the good old ADB Svoboda, Paco implemented some uplighted trusses to create the technical look and feel the production needed. To complete the set design, the stage was dressed with some flightcases and carts loaded with ACL par cans. Operator on duty was Arjan Grootenhuis.

Paco Mispelters

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