K3 Tour 2017

An Out of this World Show for K3

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Photos: Luk Monsaert & Frank Lambrechts

Traveling Through Space With Video and Lighting

2017 Tour in the Netherlands & Belgium


For several years, the popular Belgian / Dutch girlband K3 has worked with Painting with Light for all their lighting and video content needs. For their 2017 tour through Belgium and The Netherlands, they came to us once again to deliver a touring production design. Since the show was set on multiple alien worlds, for speed, convenience and keeping the budget expedient .... we suggested the use of digital scenery.



The PWL team based their video and lighting design on designer Stefaan Haudenhuyse’s original moodboards for the four planets. These settings all needed their own environments in line with the species of aliens living there!

We chose to work with a multi-layered video set and playback content specially designed for us by Jos Claesen. Part of the front LED portal was designed to resemble a 3D model of the actual show, complete with virtual trusses and lighting effects that were almost indistinguishable from the real physical elements.

This allowed creative lighting and video designs that could really give the show the desired ‘out of this world’ look.

Read the whole case here!

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