Niels De Stadsbader Dertig

IN came Niels De Stadsbader and conquered the Sportpaleis, big time.

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Antwerps Sportpaleis

1/11/2018 Sportpaleis, Antwerp Visit website

IN came Niels Destadsbader and conquered the Sportpaleis, big time.  We have been supporting his tour through Belgium this summer and we were given the chance to bring out the big guns in terms of full production design: stage, lighting, video and video content, specially designed for his performance in Antwerp.

This show has been previsualised in our WYSIWYG studio in Genk to give the artist the feeling of the stage before his performance… We reported to our customer Philippe Draps Entertainment and the 2 shows were promoted by Livenation, represented by Jan De Keyser as production manager.  We used diguise gx2 mediaservers. Other suppliers involved were PRG Belgium, Dewico, Pixelscreen, Stageco and Flyaway.  The Painting with Light team, under the lead of Luc Peumans was: Jeroen Opsteyn, Dries Mees, Kristof De Dycker, Paco Mispelters, Jos Claesen and Arthur Claesen.

Pictures courtesy of Picturesk.

Luc Peumans Jos Claesen Jeroen Opsteyn Arthur Claesen

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