A perfect example of the vast range of different services we offer is our recent collaboration with the architectural designers of Radiance 35, Philips and Genetec for the Citadelle de Namur. The city of Namur commissioned all parties to create a public lighting show, using the Citadelle as leading object.

First, we created the visual animation that was used in the project pitch. After that, our programmers Ivar and Jeroen, together with the people from Keystone Technologies, worked in our studio and on site for several weeks to turn the design into a working concept. The outcome was presented to the audience in Namur last Friday, led by our project manager Wouter Verhulst, known for his work in theme parks. More about Visualization, one of PwL's services, can be found on our brand new product portfolio page.
Visuals via Picturesk

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