Adding a lighting experience to a ride or an attraction may seem like an afterthought, but it’s often the missing step in creating a complete visitor experience!

Lighting can be solely practical or it can be made to dazzle … drawing the visitor’s attention to the attraction’s magic and masking the corners that you’d rather not focus on. The choice is entirely up to you.
Allow me to demonstrate with 2 examples:


Example 1: A Themed Wildwater River...

In this picture, you can see part of the wildwater river of an indoor waterpark. Visitors come from the left at high speed and have the impression they’re going to bump into the bear. Lighting really helps create the atmosphere here.
Example 2: A Themed Indoor Relaxation Area

Another approach can be seen in one of the waterpark’s lounge areas. In this visual, we have analysed the different elements of the lounge area and illustrated the different lighting solutions that were used to generate this beautifully cold-outside, yet warm-and-cosy-inside scene.  

All lighting elements are defined and designed in advance and presented based on a 3D visualisation of the decor. This allows you to make lighting design decisions in advance and not after the actual installation, which give you a tremendous advantage, saving on lead time, cabling effort and in the end… also cost.

After design and visualisation, the next step is the choice of the right lighting fixture, gobo, color, look and feel. Even videoscreens, LED strings or tubes could become a part of this.


Choosing the right fixtures and techniques are crucial in the long run. You want them to be durable and fit to do what they were intended for. Raincaps or IP65 lights for outdoor use and RAL colored fixtures that blend into the scenery are just some of the considerations.

Finally, what is the added value of working with Painting with Light for you? 

Well, our roots are in showbiz. For over 25 years, we have been working for television, theaters and shows, and we have a well-trained eye for designing a set through the eyes of a spectator. We apply the same logic to our work in amusement and theme parks.

So next time you are watching a show, think about where your eyes are being drawn to and try to  envision the knowhow and effort that has been put into creating a lighting design… and you’ll understand the essence of our work.

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I hope to see you soon at IAAPA 2017 in Orlando.

Yours truly,
Wouter Verhulst
Theme Park Light Expert at Painting with Light



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