These days, late night openings are becoming more and more common… optimizing the opening hours of a park and taking advantage of special calendar events is probably one of your daily tasks. 

To maximize visitor experience, a lighting design for a ride, attraction or location becomes more and more essential. Other sectors have picked up on this a long time ago - just think about lighting on buildings, theaters, art installations, trade fairs, … 


For theme and amusement parks, this is no different. With the right colours, intensity and angle, you can create an extra dimension that enhances the audience experience!
We can create that all-important design for you. We have years of experience defining which fixtures suit a specific circumstance.

If your ride or attraction is outdoors, then you’ll need to rely on a series of IP65 lights. If there isn’t much room for fixtures, then you might want to choose more, but smaller specialised lights. You may even want to avoid seeing the light source at all. In that case, you’ll need a multidisciplinary lighting expert that will work together with your decor team to create an integrated lighting element.

Heat dissipation is also a factor that might be important to your ride or attraction. If you are working indoors, then the lights will add to the room temperature, especially during warm summer days. For obvious reasons, we also keep the power consumption in mind. Every potential saving there is more than welcome.

Of course, safety is also one of our main concerns. Why not use the atmospheric lighting installation as emergency house lights? For us, this is only a click of the button away.

With one final step, lights can become an integral part of the ride or attraction, by adding lighting effects. Strobe lights might, for instance, simulate lightning, but they can also create a certain feeling of anxiety.    

Imagine any artist's performance and think about how this lighting phenomenon could transform your ride or attraction. We also offer the possibility to preview the result of our entire lighting design in a 3D model or even in a virtual reality tour. That way, we can show the exact look and feel of your attraction or ride, after we added our lighting sauce. 
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I hope to see you soon at IAAPA 2017 in Orlando.

Yours truly,
Luc Peumans
CEO - Creative Director at Painting with Light
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